Wahoo –

We are officially under 30,000! Barely, BARELY…. but we did it! πŸ™‚


(for those who are following my journey, I don’t count the business card into our personal debt since it is a ‘separate entity,’ even though we are financially responsible for the debt as well.)

It feels so good to see that 3 gone… and I never want to see it again!

We reduced our personal debt by $1,494.31 and our business debt by $529.18!


Bad news. Someone needs to slap me. Seriously for the umpteenth month in a row I STILL cannot keep to budget. That doesn’t mean we went over, I just have no idea! I start out the month ready to rock and roll and write down everything, but then get ‘too busy’ (too lazy?) and fall behind and give up on it. So again, I have nothing to show the breakdown of what we spent this month and on what. I know that this is an extreeeeeeemly important part to debt payoff – realizing your habits and your spending categories – but I suck at it still. Do as I say not as I do? πŸ™‚

Good news: We hustled! We have an art show at the NATIONAL CHERRY FESTIVAL in 4 days and have been SUPER BUSY preparing for that, along with other orders, work, etc. With that came extra expenses, such as the inventory material, tent, table cloths, receipts, credit card readers, displays, etc. etc. etc.. After spending all of that excess money this month, we still were able to reduce the business debt by $529.18! It felt good. Hopefully, I’m praying with every fiber of me, that we can make enough at this show to reduce it a significant amount more!

Reducing our personal debt by $1494.31 was a feat as well. We did side work, and Cody got a very small bonus at work – so that helped the decrease! Imagine what we could pull off if I actually kept track and stuck to our budget!

I’m hoping to do that this month, especially since things will calm down here in a few days.. but y’all know me!

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  1. Krystal Jane

    I would also recommend Mint or EveryDollar. I find it easier to keep up with my budget digitally. It’s also about forming a habit, too, though, so you’ll get there with time either way! Congrations! And best wishes for this month!

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