First Art Show in the BOOKS! :)

Hey guys! 🙂

I hope everyone had a wonderful, fabulous, exhilarating, star-spangled hammered (but safe) 4th of July weekend!

I headed home to Traverse City to spend time with my family and to attend our first National arts/crafts show at the National Cherry Festival. We have only been ‘open’ for less than three months, so we were debating about even being a vendor there. We barely had any inventory, we didn’t know what we were doing, never set up a display booth before…. you name the inexperience qualifications and I will check them off!

In the end though, we had a fabulous day! We even sold out of our caramel Michigan coasters! 🙂 Other vendors came up to us and asked how many shows we have done before and where we got ideas for our displays – only to be shocked that we literally pulled this together last minute and it was our first one. That’s a great sign right? We were neighbors with an amazing lady who sells soap (she also has an etsy shop.. maybe I can find her and post her link here as well). She was super helpful while setting up, giving us tips on the usual flow of traffic and what to expect during the day. It’s always nice to have genuinely good people looking out for first-timers instead of wanting to squash us like the cockroaches we are. (Shark Tank reference..)

We didn’t make a killing – but a lot more than we expected, and I am blessed to be able to put that money towards the company debt so that hopefully one day this ‘hobby business’ can turn into a profitable small home business! It’s rewarding to see the outcome of hard work and to learn what can be done differently next time. I’m excited for more to come!


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