How to Tuesday: Celebrate Cinco de Mayo properly


Ah, it’s that time of year again. Tacos & Tequila & Fiestas & Siestas! Many Americans of non-Mexican decent celebrate Cinco de Mayo – but do you do it properly? (yes, there’s a proper way.) Don’t worry, there’s only TWO STEPS!


Okay people – It’s all good if you want to celebrate other cultures and traditions! But please, have some sort of basic knowledge about the history behind it. It will really help the reasoning behind your incessant partying ‘sink’ in. 😉 Do you even know what the Battle of Puebla is? This will prevent your partying from becoming a mockery of a historical event.

You can learn a little about it here:

or here:

2. After you have respect and a good understanding of the above – Fiesta like there is no mañana. Drop it like it’s hot.

drujnk cinco-de-mayo

*entertainment purposes only*

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