I took my dog for a long walk and made some cool stuff. Today = Success.

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Today didn’t start off too well… my significant other and I were fighting, I tripped on every damn thing in my house, and had no towels for my shower. I used two tee-shirts, no joke. 🙂

Anyway, instead of whining about it or moping around, I decided to get off my tush. I ran one mile on the elliptical we got for FREE from a moving friend (so awesome). Yes, that ADDS another item to my minimalist journey pile but it’s one that brings me endorphins – so it’s necessary, right? Ha

After that, my dog was jealous I got to exert energy, so I said ‘Walk?’ and he cocked his head sideways and jumped up and down like little girls at a Justin Bieber concert. I took him to the park trails and my lard butt walked another 3.28 miles! Don’t worry – there was lots of lakes and water for Louie Looster to jump and drink from!

Mapmyrun is an awesome app. It tracks your workout on the GPS and shows where you’ve been, how long you’ve walked/ran, and how long it took you. I used it a lot to track progress a few years back when I was a ‘runner’ – and now I’m hoping to get back into that pattern to get this flab off my body! Check it out if you’re looking for something to help motivate you or track your progress!

It was so peaceful. The beautiful nature, animals in their habitats, happy families on bike rides, workout groups having a class in the park – man, just BREATHING in the fresh air rejuvenated  me like no other! Go outside and just breathe deeply. Feel your lungs. It was awesome.

I came back and kept my productivity up.

Check it out!

World map USE cheers twitter


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