You know you want it. Come and get it!

REEEAAALLY want to buy a laser-cutter before cherry fest. Those things are SWEET and enable you to design/cut/burn extremely intricate designs. Oh, my heart yearns for one. 😉

But they cost upwards of around $2,000…. and that’s money that I CANNOT and WILL NOT put on a credit card while I am trying to get out of debt. Only option is to use revenues to put back into the business (money that never ‘existed’ for debt payoff anyway- we keep track and add it into total debt as you can see, but keep it separate).

SO! Check out our site. I learn something new every day, build something new every day, create something new every day.

only about $1,700.00 to go! 😉 wahooo.

Happy monday!

shelftwitter chicagocutout2 South Dakota Twitter Cake stand twitter octcandleholder3 squareslit2 circles3

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