You are richer than you think!


Always remind yourself of this. When I worked at the hospital, no matter how bad of a night I was having and how bad I wanted to cry, I would remind myself that my patients are in a worse position and that they didn’t have a choice to be there.

There is always someone out there worse off – you’re richer than you think!

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  1. SandySays1

    If only more humans thought your way. My human has visited over 100 countries – People that complain most are those who live in some of the best places. When he hears how bad someone has it he normally says “that’s to bad, but what have you done to change that?” I see you’re a “get-er-done” person ——-cudos——–

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    1. Renee

      Thank you for your kind words! I have to remind myself to think that way of course- since I am human. When I start feeling self pity, or down about ‘dumb’ things – I remind myself of all the beautiful things I do have. Have a great day! 🙂

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  2. Adam

    Just placed on order off your Etsy store. My way of saying, Congrats on all you’re pursuing. Be proud of the steps you’re taking and continue to lean into the tension and uncertainty when it gets tough. You’re changing your life, taking risks, adopting new habits. All good stuff! Excited for you guys and your endeavors. Keep us posted! And see if you can get those coasters to me by mothers day! Ha!

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    1. Renee

      Adam – may sound corny but you brought a tear to my eye! I appreciate all your kind words and encouragement. You should win some sort of humanity/kindness award,man! Maybe I’ll print one up for you. haha. And I will definitely get your coasters to you way before mother’s day! 🙂 THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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