Family is Everything – Plus my little bro is badass :)

We were going to stay in Grand Rapids for the weekend – work on things and possibly take the dog for a walk or two… but then last minute we decided to head up to Traverse City to see family. Cody and I lived right down the road from each other growing up (literally like 10 houses down) – so It makes it easier to visit families at the same time!

It couldn’t be a nicer day out – the sun is shining my brother’s new kitty is super cute.

Oh! Speaking of my brother – look what he helped me design!


Isn’t that sweet? He gave me the idea of painting the wood BEFORE cutting it out on the CNC machine. So now you get this awesome design in wood while having a cool colored background! He’s pretty genius! (get yours at my etsy shop!)

Anyway – being around family makes me smile, I feel so blessed to be so loved. No matter the hardships in my life and ALL the mistakes that I’ve made, my family constantly does nothing but support me. And I’ve made A LOT of mistakes. Few can say they have such undivided support, and that’s another thing I remind myself when I’m down in the dumps!

Cherish your family- take the time to say “I love you.” Don’t make the excuse that a two hour car ride is too far to drive – I’ve done that one too many times. It’s crap. You may not get another chance.

Have a happy Saturday EVERYONE! 🙂

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