I’d take a George Washington or two…

As many of you know – I’m trying to become a morning person/entrepreneur/motivation-filled person. This morning I set my alarm to Kevin Gates’ “I Don’t Get Tired.”

It worked.

Now I’m not saying that it’s my favorite song in the world or anything… but it has a beat that makes me pounce out of bed, do a few squats, and get my ass moving! Already today I sanded and stained more things than I did all day yesterday! I wish it were sunny out and not pouring rain so I could take better pictures – but perhaps tomorrow.

PLUS, I got rid of another bag of ‘crap’ for my minimalist journey. Bonus!

I just gotta keep going and tell myself, “I DON’T GET TIREEEED!” “I WANT THEM DEAD PRESIDENTTTTSSSS.”

I’m not even greedy- I’ll take a George Washington or two!

So thanks for those who said a more motivational alarm/song/mantra right from the beginning would help – ’cause it did. A heck of a lot better than those roosters crowing or beeping noises that seriously get my annoyance meter past 100% before I even open my eyes!

I just have to keep moving to the life I want to live. It’s hard, it’s confusing. I fight with my self a lot. But I want to get out of debt and help my family. I want to travel. I want to help people. TO BE EXCITED FOR LIFE. I have no idea if I’m doing the right things to get there, but I’m doing them anyway! 🙂


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