Sometimes it feels good to SMASH things. :)

Cody and I have had the same printer since.. oh… 2008? I’ve always had the motto of ‘drive it till it dies’ – and the thing just wouldn’t die. In the past few weeks, however, it has become literally my worst enemy. Push the on button for power? No no no – first you have to unplug it from the wall, re-plug it in, hold the power down for 10 seconds to reset the darned thing, then wait about 7 1/2 minutes for it to boot on. Of course, the first screen that would pop up was ‘FATAL ERROR, GENERAL ERROR 6X00..something.’

But – I don’t give in to a fight that easily. I fiddle-fuck with the thing for another 45 minutes and then can FINALLY print out a label so crooked that when I get to the post office they can’t scan it.

It was time for it to die.

Cody unplugged it, picked it up, and ‘accidentally’ dropped it.

”No, no. You’re doing it wrong.” I Replied.

I then proceeded to lob the thing at our brick wall at full force, watching ever so gleefully as it exploded into a bazillion pieces.

The feeling in my heart – you guys – was instant satisfaction. It was over.

Yes, I know there were more appropriate ways to cope with my anger and to recycle the old technology.

Perhaps it was solely about the printer malfunctioning for the last couple weeks and causing late packages – or perhaps it was a combination of all the stress and joy and confusion and decisions and LIFE over the last few weeks as well (posts to come..).

Either way, you better believe it felt GOOD.





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