Shame on you! ;)

Thanks, my devoted readers – you just sat there reading other writer’s blogs while I could have been kidnapped and denied computer privileges? I could have been dead!? And who did anything about it? NO ONE. Shame on you all, I say – SHAME! I didn’t see anyone file a missing persons claim with the blog police. I didn’t have anyone searching for me. Shame.

It could mean that my writing is so boring and forgettable that no one cared that I fell off the blogosphere again, or it could just mean you guys have no sense of freakin’ loyalty.

Just Kidding.

Anyway – I’M BACK (again). This time for good. I have had so much happen these last several weeks it was impossible to even wrap my head around how I was going to write about it.

But, STAY TUNED, there’s lots of new NEWS that I’m excited to share.


Updates on debt, minimalism, court, new job, land, family… + more!


See ya on the flip side!




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  1. curiousmonologues

    I have been skulking around, haha! Looking forward to more of your writing, especially on the topic of minimalism, since I am particularly interested in the philosophy these days. Cheers!

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