Who doesn’t like free shipping?


SO! The United States Post Office decided to raise shipping costs on Jan 17th. Which, of course, is a pain in the ass if  any of you have a home business that ships items out. Every item has to be re-edited to consider this hike so that you don’t take a loss on your item due to under-charging shipping. But – you also don’t want to be an A-hole and look like you’re overcharging (especially if you try to add in a percentage of the costs of shipping materials: gift wrap, tape, boxes, labels, ink, etc).

So I decided to be a rebel today and stick it to the man. While I’m editing my listings, pictures, prices, shipping, etc – I’m gonna offer free shipping! Yes, it may seem counter-intuitive to offer free shipping while complaining about losing shipping costs above – but if I get a ‘above average sale numbers’ today (which is like, more than one sale.. haha) it will work out in the end anyway – a profit eating shipping costs for one day is better than no sales at all!

Suck it price increase! Here’s to reverse Psychology? I don’t know. But enjoy it anyway – check it out – let us create something for YOU! Brighten up your home while helping to lower my crushing student loan debt. 😉

For those of you that do not have Etsy, I can also do email invoices easily through Paypal (100% protected on both ends). Simply shoot me a message! service@mittenmadewoodcrafts.com


USE CODE: FREESHIP1 (domestic US only!)



We make everything! (Guestbooks, Cake-stands, coasters, cutting boards, flight boards, shelves.. endless array of awesome!)


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