Have you tried the 52 week Money Challenge?

The concept is simple enough – each week you ‘deposit’ one more dollar than the week before, starting with adding one dollar during week 1 and fifty-two dollars at week 52. This is aimed to be an easy way to save a good chunk of money throughout the year without having it effect your everyday life. I struggled with the decision to start the challenge this year, considering we have made so many ‘promises’ to save money already, to cut costs, and put every extra dollar on debt instead .. that we have failed at. But, 2016 is a new year. I will NOT fail this year. This year we will take what we have learned through trial and error and the advice of my lovely blog readers last year and succeed at getting debt and money under control.

We decided to take a stab at this, with an old-school twist. Now, investors and money-gurus may not approve since interest is non-existent when money is not put in an account, but (whatthefuckever). We made a tub, super glued the top down, and cut a slit in it to shove the money in. We promised ourselves that we will OWN this challenge, and add in any excess change we find as well. At the end of the year, that will give us a bump in our debt repayment unlike last December. (Holidays and being sick and yada yada yada kiiiiilled us!!)

Have any of you out there tried this challenge? What do you think? Was it hard not to touch the funds? What did you use the funds for? Would you do it again?


Hey! I have $6 as of now though… success so far! šŸ˜‰

52 week challenge.jpg


** photo credit to Southercalisaver.com. I do not own and did not create image! Thank you!

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  1. wanderlust809

    I have tinkered with it in the past, but never stuck to it. I used to do banking each pay period, which wasn’t weekly, so I got frustrated with the challenge. We also were very much paycheck to paycheck and the higher numbers seems impossible. We could probably do it now…but maybe we will try it in 2017.

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    1. Renee

      Thanks for the input! I’ll keep you updated. I’m hoping by the time it gets to the larger weekly deposits that we can manage it.. I have a little time to figure it out! Haha


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