Pay it forward tip?


Heeeey guys! 🙂
Hope everyone is having a great FRIDAY! Can you believe that today is the LAST day of July? Summer is flying by…

Lately, as all of you wonderful followers know, I’m trying to be a better person. I’m trying to be more loving to myself and others… be more positive, and overall just a less depressive little twat.

I’ve been thinking how important it is to ‘pay it forward’ and to show others how great the world could be if we all just showed each-other (and the environment, and animals!) a bit more appreciation, love, and generosity.

There’s been a lot of coverage about people paying for the person’s order behind them in a restaurant/fast food/coffee place. That’s an awesome idea and can easily put a smile on someone’s face. That being said, I get to ask a dumb question without judgement here – how in the hell does it work?


Let’s say I want to pay for the person behind me. Do I just guess at their order price and hand the employee extra cash? What happens to the money if I ‘overpay’? Does it go to the next person beyond them or does it sit in a little escrow account in that company? 😉 Do they pocket it? Give it as change? What if I underpay? I’d kinda feel shitty if I was a few cents short, like – ‘hey you’re not quite cool enough for me to pay the whole thing..’

And who’s the asshole that breaks the ‘pay-it-forward’ chains? “Nah, I’d rather not pay it forward and just take the free stuff.” Jerk. haha You were going to pay for your own anyway!

I wanna go try this tonight.. since I’m not supposed to be eating out and I’m broke as heck – maybe I can get myself a water and pay for someone’s something for the fun of it. Gas maybe? It’s not supposed to be about amount or recognition or return anyway, just the nature of it.

Anyway, just thought those were some interesting questions and maybe someone can clarify these before I make myself look like a turd.

Any others have any awesome ideas out there? What have you done? Has anyone had a complete stranger do something for you that has made your day?

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  1. RunBikeThrow

    Here’s one way you could do it, Renee. Go to your favorite coffee shop and purchase a $10 gift card. Then hand it to the barista and say something like this: “Use this card for the next couple / mom with kid / senior citizens and tell them their drinks are free, thanks to an anonymous donor who just asks you to pay it forward.” Then sit at a nearby table where you can watch it unfold without being personally involved.
    And I’ll even provide an incentive for you. If you end up going through with your PIF, email me and I’ll start another chain for you. Address is: jeff (at) runbikethrow (dot) net.
    Good luck!

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  2. 29andbr0ke

    Hi Renee! That’s a good idea!! Go at a busy time where you know there will be a car behind you, or a row of cars waiting. They take multiple orders at a time so the food will be ready, so they will already know on their screen what the person behind you ordered! And you can just pay for that 😀 You might have to pay separately for it but I’ve done it once before paying for my siblings in the car behind me. If you go and there’s nobody that gets behind you then you probably can’t do it. It’s probably easier at a coffee place, but then there’s also the awkwardness of standing next to that person while you both wait for your coffee and having to chit chat. With the drive thru at least you’re anonymous! 😀

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    1. Renee

      Thanks! Duhh I get how it works now haha. 🙂 Appreciate it! I was always just wondering how in the heck I know what they will order/amount, but you brought up a good point of multiple orders at at time. 🙂 I’ll let everyone know how it works out!


  3. Sammy Ann

    Whenever I do a “Pay it Forward” I use the Bobby Bones phrase #PimpinJoy.
    They do quite a few fundraisers and the show is broadcasted across the US so you never know if you might cross paths with another listener or reach someone who might google it and find a cause they care about!

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