Say what? New states & designs? oh my gosh! :)

OK ok, gonna do that self promotion thing again! Hang in there with me guys – it’ll be quick, informative, and fun.

First off – I was drinking wine the other night and went to set it in one of our coasters.. but it DIDN’T FIT! Pop cans, glasses, beer cans, water bottles and more did, but NOT my wine glass. For me, that’s a huge problem. SO! Now ALL OF OUR COASTERS have bigger holes! 2.75 – 3″ vs the 2-2.5″ holes before. Now my wine drinking capabilities are no longer hindered and I’m happy! I’ve had some people request no holes in them as well, and that’s always an option!

We also have new states featured, available in both caramel and natural bamboo! (below is caramel mainland Rhode Island) Message me with your state!


Customized vinyl coasters are one of my favs – people mix and match state shapes, messages, song lyrics, logos… fun gift!

create your own caramel coasters

We’ve also sold a lot of these Mr & Mrs signs and our customized wooden cake stands this wedding season! 🙂 Check em out!kyle and katie cake stand cake stand customeer


And of course I can make you any shape vinyl wall/car decal you want! 🙂

ampersand us-map-silhouette-vectorwonderlust

okay okay y’all – I’m done. But tell yourself, yo friends, yo neighbors, yo family – anyone – that they need some of these awesome creations.

I sell on etsy:

on our own website:

and on eBay where you can make your own offer!

Also check us out on twitter, facebook, & pinterest!

Our goal is to reach 100 sales on etsy by August 12th.. help us reach it!

Everyone have an awesome THURSDAY!

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