Give a little love!

With the world slowly self-destructing, I’m happy that this country finally took a step in the right direction with the monumental equality decision. In my opinion, it never should have even been an issue at hand. (Like many other historic issues) How does it make any sense to inhibit love? What’s to gain from it?

Whatever your beliefs are, whatever customs or traditions you/your religion practice – you have a right to them. But we have no right to interfere with the happiness or rights of others around us. Their love and union does not affect you or I. Love is love.

Agree with me or don’t… frankly I don’t really care. Not in the slightest. And please don’t comment with your narrow-minded bigoted opinions. You have a right to – with free speech and all – but let’s just celebrate and rejoice in the happiness. It brightens my heart to know that those deprived of rights for so long, those who had to watch others celebrate unity but stay in the shadows, are finally getting the time they deserve.


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