May 1st means DEBT UPDATE! (Don’t get too excited…)

It’s that time again guys. Debt update and my progress thus far on obliterating the cloud that’s hanging over my head and keeping me from traveling and adventuring in my 20s.

May 1st total debt: 35,014.85

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35239.85 to 35,014.85.  A WHOPPING TOTAL OF 225.00 REDUCED.

Definitely not as great as I wanted to do, not even close. But let’s break it down a little further and into the whiney-whys.

Our personal debt did go down $597.57. Now, that’s not tooooo incredibly shabby considering we bring in next to nothing. Plus, my student loan decreased by $864.67! I made something like eight payments this month on it, ranging from $400 to $15. Every penny counts right? it’s incredible how fast the interest compounds, it needs to GET DOWN!

How could you have dented it so LITTLE OVERALL then, Renee?

Well – for a few reasons.

1. Again, shit happens. We didn’t expect to have to spend almost $550 for Louie’s surgery and meds. I had to make another trip to Detroit to see my lawyer, and that wasn’t cheap. Cody’s brakes went out on the truck.

2. I sucked AGAIN at keeping track of expenses and profits – AND we didn’t use coupons, look for sales -etc… Plus, we ate out this month. Not as much as we did before this journey – but let’s just say the day we went to see my lawyer (an all day trip) we had ALL THREE MEALS out. Sick. I told myself I’d write down everything, I’d use excel to track every purchase and every receipt and every penny. But, I didn’t. That’s changing now.

3. I need an income desperately. I thought Mitten Made would take off faster like the naive little entrepreneur I am, and I thought my career future would look a little more bright after my meeting this past Monday instead of the opposite. I am a persevering, dedicated, hard-working individual… but I need to look at the present too. Obviously, even if I just get a totally non-degree-specific job while I work on Mitten Made and get my legalities out of the way – it would help dent debt even more.

4. Kind of coinciding with the above point, our business credit card increased significantly. We tried to keep expenses as low as possible – but didn’t even think about fees and such for craft shows we want to to this summer/fall. We thought we had time – but nooooope – deadlines are NOW! Hence, more application fees needed to be paid, more inventory needed, more tools needed, and more money spent!

SO – hold me accountable people!

This month is going to be a struggle – We have family events and a hopeful trip to see my best friend in Florida whom I haven’t seen in almost 7 months. We are hoping to get a last minute booking on a cheap flight, but Florida activities are not cheap! I hate to push it back another month in hopes things are better financially, but we’ll have to see! I will have a few more lawyer meetings this month. I know Cody has to renew his builder’s license and fix a few more things on his truck before he can again use it for work. My car is barely holding on.


I plan to keep track of my expenses and profits this month. Obviously, I did not do this last month or the month before, so I need a different tool. No more excuses and failing. As soon as I push submit on this post I’m going to find a printable sheet I can always have on hand to write down each transaction or deposit AS IT HAPPENS. I really think that at the end, it’s going to shine a light on our ‘wants’ vs ‘needs.’

I’m going to try very hard to find a job or source of income. I have to promote myself better on FIVERR and Freelancer – I have to edit my pictures, descriptions, and SEOs on our websites. I have to do something in addition to that on the side, whether it be a waitress or secretary or something full time that doesn’t relate to my degree.

I WANT TO SUCCEED AS BAD AS I NEED TO BREATHE- now i need to ACT LIKE IT! I need to stop throwing my personal pity party about all my other friends that aren’t going through what I am – who seem like they have their crap together already. Fuck it. I’m young, and am more blessed than a lot of others. How dare I take that for granted and waste days scared or sad whern I could be DOMINATING or CELEBRATING life. Yes, I’m scared and lost and wondering what path I am taking. But I’m alive. ONLY I CAN CHANGE MY LIFE!

Okay, I’m done.


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  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders about this. I agree with WD and 2015 chronicles, and I encourage you to continue to concentrate on abundance, as you takes the steps that you are taking – ie job until your degree related enterprises take off. It is such a great feeling of freedom to be debt free!! The times that I have been throughout my life, I have absolutely loved. Money is energy. May you have lots of it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Renee

      Thank you so much! I’m excited to keep on this path and my path of minimalism. I’m learning a lot about who I am and what I am capable of. It’s encouraging! Plus, trying to keep my humor through it all!


    1. Renee

      It ALREADY is! And it’s only been three days! It’s incredible to actually SEE what you spend and bring in. Those little things ADD UP! Thank you!


    1. Renee

      Thank you so much! I agree that this struggle is making me richer in a lot of other ways – making me soul search and see what I am actually made of! Thanks for your words of encouragement!


  2. Adam

    Keep it up Renee and Cody! It’s no easy task. You’ve gotta admit, for not having a steady income it’s really impressive to make a dent at all in your debt. Seriously, that’s no small task. Let that be an encouragement as you look for work. Imagine what you’ll be able to do to you debt as your income increases! I’m hopeful for you guys! And as you said, you’re young. You can get this in order over the near future and change the trajectory of the rest of your financial life. Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Renee

      Thanks – I agree to make a dent at all is satisfying! I just wish that when I was working I had the same financial values as I do now – so I could have paid things off/save 100x more quickly than I am now. But – that’s life. Now I’ve learned, and I’m still young – so I can take these mistakes and lessons and hopefully keep course once everything is sorted and I return to the workforce and have a family! Thanks again for all your kind words. You’re awesome!

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