Renee, GET BACK ON TRACK (You can do it put your back into it).

The mailman came today and brought me a gift – my PIYO and SHAKEOLOGY!

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I’m so very excited to get back on track. Before getting fired, I lost 27 pounds, had lots of energy, and a great outlook on the future. Since then, I’ve gained it all back, plus some – and have the energy of a snail. I’m the kind of person that eats her feelings and then feels like crap for it (literally and figuratively) later. My weight has always yo-yo’d and fluctuated and rollercoastered and made me happy and made me cry and… you get the idea with my run on sentence how frustrating the inconsistency has been. I’ve been down to 105 and all the way up to 198. (Shocking, I know. )

Listen, I know some of you look at programs like these as ‘scams’ – Why can’t you just exercise and diet?

And I don’t necessarily disagree. I did it the first time without videos or dietary supplements. I’m looking at the packages now and thinking maybe I should just return them. Renee, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and your OWN abilities.

But – sometimes you need a little help, a little motivation, a little kick in the ass. I need a jump start to feeling better about myself emotionally and physically in order to take it back over on my own. Maybe it is stupid – but obviously what I am doing isn’t helping, and I feel the lethargy taking over my life.

I give huge thanks to my mom who bought this for me as a surprise as she knows I am unemployed and on my ‘debt journey’ and is an unnecessary expense. I refused at first, of course – because this is not cheap. Yet my mother is selfless and worries about her children more than herself, and wanted to see me stop beating myself up for my mistakes. She has a heart condition, and has had a stent recently placed, so she is also joining me on this journey to health.

I’m in no way endorsing these products, how could I? I haven’t even tried them yet. I’m just trying to share my excitement to getting back on track – to letting go of the hurt and doubt and insecurities. I want to be in the best shape of my life by my 25th birthday this summer. I want to change.

I plan on making a tab so you can all keep track of my progress with me- if anything to keep me accountable!


Oh! but what I AM endorsing is my side business. Go check it out.

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  1. CherryOrchardHomestead

    The trick is finding something you want to keep doing. That’s why I do yoga, because it’s something I come back to. If there is a program that is something you want to come back to, if it works for you, then it’s not a scam, and you don’t have to explain yourself!

    Good luck! And I’m glad your mom is supportive and also on the journey. It’s good to have support.

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  2. fillyourownglass

    I’ve been riding the weight roller coaster since I quit smoking three years ago. You do whatever makes you feel good and what works for you, and don’t give a thought to what anyone else thinks about it! I have heard amazing things about Shakeology!

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  3. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    May you and your mom be in perfect health and perfect weight. May this be a really good kickstart for you both into a healthy lifestyle that feels right. I wish many things for you, Renee. I know life is a bit of a struggle for you these days. I love how you keep trying new things and how you keep your attitude up and your humor.

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    1. Renee

      That was too kind. I appreciate that! Life is a bit of a struggle now, yes- but I get to open my eyes every morning so I have to be grateful for life and TRY to find the good in each day. 🙂 You have a GREAT one!


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