Your Mind Is Powerful.


Your mind is the most powerful tool you have – it can ignite unfathomable passion or it can slowly destroy you. I have literally made myself sick with worry due to the negative thoughts I let flood my mind. I have also never been more at peace at times because I allowed my mind to be filled with thoughts of encouragement, positivity, and determination.

People (including me) sometimes don’t realize how important thoughts are and how they play a pivotal role in life – every. single. day. If you can’t change your circumstance, then try changing your thoughts. Now, I’m not saying be a ray of freakin’ sunshine and fake that everything is perfect all of the time. I’m just saying to try to think of the ‘brighter picture.’ Car broke down? That sucks – at least you didn’t get into an accident. Got the flu and you’re not productive in the least bit? That’s okay – rest and when you feel better you will kick-mother-effing-butt.

This helps me. I have loads of stress, concerns, demons – and, like everyone’s luggage sometimes – it gets overwhelming. It helps to think about how things I’m going through will REALLY effect my life in the future – tomorrow, a year from now, 5 years from now? If it could be a blip on the ‘shit’ radar, I try to let myself feel what I feel, then move on. It’s a struggle to train your thoughts and mind that way – but it’s so worth it. I can already see changes, I can already feel changes.


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  1. katylallanby

    I loved this post Renee! I’m exactly the same as you – sometimes I let my worries get the absolute better of me and they just take over. I think I need to print the picture out and stick it next to my desk! I do believe that positive thinking (without sounding too ‘hippy-ish’) makes such a difference to day-to-day life! This is also why I wanted a bright yellow car because it’s my favourite colour and makes me happy, so I feel sunny and cheery on my long drive to work! πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing, and good luck with your Etsy shop!!

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  2. Anjali Chudasama

    There is a saying in Sanskrit, “The mind is so powerful that it can be your friend or your enemy.” That translates as follows, if you have positive thoughts then the mind will be helpful to you. However, if you wallow in negative thoughts, the mind will take you down to the pits of despair with worry. Sometimes even on a destructive path. So let’s make our mind our friend!

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