Obviously, from all my shameless self-promotion you can see my significant other and I opened an Etsy store.

We just wanted you all to be aware of it! And our other social media pages –          Check it out!   like us!        follow us!

There is free shipping all this week while I finish fine-tuning shipping charges!

Etsy Code Word: SHIPPING code word: FREE SHIP

We are still in the process of adding things, editing, taking better photos.. so keep checking back!

Thanks for supporting my dream to pay off debt and travel! 🙂

That will be the last post about it I promise – at least for today! Ha ha. Go be productive!

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  1. oasistravelandcruise

    If you are promoting yourself it is self promotion, if you are promoting your product you are doing the same thing Apple, Sony and GM do. Selling a product.

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