Vroom-Vroom. Braaap.

Pointless, quick giggle post…

I really, REALLY want a dirt bike. I’ve wanted one since my boyfriend taught me to ride when we were about 15. Since then, we’ve busted his, and can’t afford another one. Bummer. Maybe once we get our debt under control, and if our woodshop/etsy store is a tad successful – maaaayybeeee we can afford one next summer? (Debt advice to myself: no, don’t do it.)

A girl can still dream.

Anyway, my point is – I changed my cell phone notification to the ‘bike’ tone. vroom vroom. Then I always go BRRAAAP right after it’s done and before I read my message. SO much better than the typical, default ‘beep.’

I know, I’m a nerd and proud of it.

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  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    You changed your site a bit. Looks good. Did you change themes? Thanks for the giggle. I love how you look at life. It’s refreshing.

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  2. lola gayle

    Ha! I got into a discussion with a few of my guy friends on Facebook a few months ago. We had a debate whether my burping BRAAAAP sound was actually better sounding than the real thing. We never came to a consensus so we called it a tie.


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