New Blogger Woes – theme help?

Today I’m definitely laughing at myself…

I wanted to change my WordPress Theme.. I wasn’t totally content with how mine looked and thought it could use an upgrade and fresh look now that I have more than two posts on there. I thought a more applealing site would help me in the future when I open my business and launch my new books. I looked at other bloggers’ sites until I finally settled on one that I wanted.

But instead of a sweet new look, it pretty much went haywire. Now I look even more like a rookie! I was scrambling for the last half hour to learn about widgets and CSS and menus – before people came to visit my blog and started laughing at me, too.

But then I said fuck it – The internet can be a powerful tool to get people to help. This blog was made to give others advice and a laugh through my experiences, and I’ve learned so much from my readers in return during the short period of time since my blog was born. Plus – isn’t my site about laughter anyway?

So! As I continue to finagle with it, anyone else with the Outspoken theme know how to make it sweet? I’ve seen some with scrolling galleries and videos and interactive previous blog posts. Mine just has a list – uhhh boring!

Tips are always appreciated. (words and money, ha ha)

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