Debt update: April fools?

Nope people, the numbers ain’t foolin’ me today.


So! Damage is an INCREASE in debt by $1179.92. Plus, an increase on our business credit card from ZERO to $1,328.23. That makes an OVERALL total increase in debt a whopping $2508.15.

I could make excuses, tell you guys what happened and go into intricate detail on why this increase occurred (we had TWO family emergencies, car troubles, a HUGE order of wood that was wrong – but since it was special ordered can’t be returned…plus more.) But I won’t – because it doesn’t matter. Those things were beyond our control and dwelling on those will create unnecessary depression and feelings of second-guessing my motivation to succeed. March definitely was not very nice to us. Even sadder thing, we did pretty great at sticking to budget before all hell broke loose! Plus – before the wrong shipment, we were on track to at least open our Etsy store TODAY. Now, it would look like a joke.

But I’ve decided to use April as a motivational tool instead. Life happens. Just when you think you’re on the right track, BAM! Emergencies happen. Life happens. Sometimes that river you’re paddling down turns into a monster with rapids that overturn you.

Listen – that’s how IMPORTANT it is to know your debts, create a budget, and stay on track. Start creating a small emergency fund. If we hadn’t – that increase would have been  A LOT more. This setback has motivated me more than ever to sell things, side hustle, stay up that extra hour to work on our business, hoard every penny, and reduce debt even further. I want the next setback we have to barely effect us financially. I want that freedom – I can taste it.

It’s supposed to be 65 degrees here in Grand Rapids today. The sun is shining and my dog woke me up with kisses. We should open our little store in about two weeks, and we have some side work lined up. Things should fall back into place.

Side note: A blogger Adam, (check his site out here) has been more than encouraging through this process with me. I just wanted to give a shout-out to the nicest stranger I’ve spoken to in a long time. The world needs more of you man!

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  1. KentuckyMomma

    It’s so weird how you can read a post and feel like you could have very well written it yourself. That’s how I feel about this post. I am a HUGE “budgeter”. I have a very detailed excel spreadsheet, but LIFE happens. Emergencies happen, unfortunately. We are in the exact same boat right now. We are creating debt as opposed to getting rid of it. It’s very disheartening, but, it happens.

    Good Luck to you and your family!

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    1. Renee

      Hopefully these disheartening months only happen once in a blue moon! Thank you for the encouraging words and I wish you luck for you and your family as well!


  2. BERYL

    My family and I have faced this kind of situations lately and I can very well understand what you must be going through right now. Even though we weren’t hit too hard, thanks to a regular pay-check, we still find it difficult to not blame ourselves for these losses because they were caused due to our own lack of foresight. The one lesson I learnt well is how easy it is to trust someone and be duped.

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  3. Adam

    Renee, I’m sure I’ll see it on your blog, but I look forward to seeing your Etsy store launch. I built all the wood furniture in our home as a gift for my wife the summer before we got married 4 years ago. I had a lot of help from a much more experienced woodworker, but I learned a lot and have a great appreciation for the craft. I’m excited to see what you and Cody build.

    I imagine you’re in a difficult spot as you’re balancing the weight of your debt load and working to start a new business in order to live into your dream. Admittedly, those two focuses can work against each other, but by remaining disciplined with debt elimination you’ll be more and more free to do the things you want to do in your business, life and with your dreams. It is not easy, but it is definitely good and what a great sense of pride you’ll have for the work you’ve done once you conquer two lofty goals: becoming debt free and having built your own business.

    Now, for getting your business monetized so you can gain back that $1,328.23 and some! I’m looking forward to seeing the store on Etsy in a couple of weeks!

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    1. Adam

      Oh, and thanks for the shout out and kind words. It’s my privilege to encourage others on the difficult journey out of debt toward the freedom of living into their dreams. You’re on course! And, you’re early in your adult life. What you’ll be free to do before you’re 30 will be remarkable!

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    2. Renee

      Thanks!! Yes – woodworking isn’t brand new to us since its been a hobby our whole lives, but DEFINITELY not anything like we are doing now. I’ve never used a cnc machine before now or programming – it’s been a learning curve! Thanks for the support! We are hoping it is going to give us the freedom – financially and someday from the ‘typical’ workweek so that we can travel and have children and get married without the stress that comes along with wondering how to finance all of that! Keep in touch and I’ll keep you updated. You’re an awesome human being.


  4. Alex B.

    I kinda feel bad about “liking” this post since I totally hate what happened to you in March but I so loved this post overall. You’ve inspired me to put my debt down on paper and actively work to reduce it more than I have been. I make payments and I’m pretty great with my credit cards, but student loans are my killer. I owe about the same as you, but I’m trying to get to Cody’s level. It’s that darn interest that keeps killing me. Grrr. Anywho, thanks for the inspiration!

    Best wishes and I will be sure to add you two to the list of people I pray find a bag full of money in the near future.

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    1. Renee

      The interest is the worst! His accumulated a while 73 cents from yesterday when I checked, and mine accumulated 8 dollars! It’s crazy to think what that does when the interest is compounded – exponentially grows! We are definitely trying to get that one down, but its hard with me not working and all the stuff going on right now! Good luck with yours!!! Keep me updated on your progress!


  5. sixtieschild108

    Hi! I was so happy to find your blog. I started reading it after you “liked” one of the posts on my debt blog, which I appreciate since I’m new at this! I love your posts & can really relate to your writing. I feel your pain & hope we can both find our way out! I wish you all the best 🙂

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  6. cheflauracerullo

    I love that you turn such a bummer situation around with humor. Very refreshing! It’ll get you through a lot in life! Keep going! 🙂 best of luck

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  7. fillyourownglass

    Your attitude will be the key to your success! Way to take a deep breath and re-focus on a positive outlook instead of allowing the setbacks to overtake you. I am so impressed by your determination, and I have no doubt you WILL succeed!

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