How to Tuesday: Make 5 Bucks on Fiverr – What are YOUR opinions?

I recently stumbled upon this site called FIVERR – a place where you can hire people starting at a mere FIVE dollars to do, well – just about anything. Making five bucks at a time may not sound like much, but if you play your cards right, those little sales have the ability to add up to thousands of dollars. I’ve been doing research and have seen people make FULL TIME LIVINGS! Granted, there are thousands who don’t see a darned thing…


How-to is simple – sign up for an account, think of something quick you can do and charge 5 bucks for it, and create a ‘gig.’ Publish it, share it, and bam! You’re open for business.

I know the site has been up for a while, and I’m the one who’s way behind on the times – but it got me thinking. Could I make money doing this and help pay off debts? Is this the great new entrepreneur revolution, selling your talents for five bucks a shot? Or – is it death to freelancers, marketers, and other business people – and sites such as where bids sometimes go much higher?

I decided to conduct an experiment to find out for myself and form my own opinion. I just joined Fiverr (check me out!) AND an account on Both have their fees, and I’ve made about the same on both in the short two weeks I’ve been on them. Next to nothing, ha ha. For the next few months, I’m going to try as hard as I can to make sales and place bids, hopefully marketing each one equally. At the end, I’ll tally income vs fees, ease of transactions, among other things. I tried making some professional gigs, as well as a few ‘fun’ ones. I wanted to see which sold the most of those categories as well.

What are your opinions? Is it killing the ‘real’ marketplace and playing ground for freelancers?
Are there better options? Do you make money doing this?

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  1. StrugglingThroughFitness

    I have thought about joining it, because I have had a few people tell me I should go for it. Offer writing blogs or articles for people or something to that effect. I have been told to do a few sites like that actually. I am glad that someone is trying it (and I may be joining you soon) and hear how it goes for you.

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  2. teatimewithmissb

    I think that you need a brand. Something that says “you” not some other 24 year old. That brand needs to be appealing and friendly. You need to also be unique and have your ad stand out–that ad can even be weird as long as its a good weird and not scary weird.

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