Sanding is the devil

Okay guys- I knew what I was getting into opening a WOODWORKING/WOODcraft business – but I’ve realized that I absolutely hate sanding. Staining is pretty neat – I love seeing how different grains soak it in differently, but sanding is horrid. My hand is cramping, and I am whining. There’s dust in my nose. And then my hand is too sore to write my book.  BUT- I am very excited the CNC machine is actually working, and that we are designing and cutting projects out – hopefully opening the etsy store by April 1st! (no fools! muahah)

Maybe a glass of wine will make it more enjoyable?


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  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    I sanded all weekend. Making a ladder to go up to our loft. The hand cramps, and the dusty lungs are hard!! I do a little, sit a little, so a little more, etc….then beer.

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  2. andraehenry

    I love how you seem to be able to fit so much humor and information into so few lines, trying to emulate you so that my posts down run into a bore keep up the great work and good luck…Oh also wine is just really wise grapes kudos

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    1. Renee

      I agree. I’m trying to do everything at once in my life – I’ve always been a multitasking queen and ‘overachiever’ – but that’s why I’m trying to minimize things… I need to learn one step at at time…. I’m trying! 🙂


      1. In My Cluttered Attic

        You’ll get there. Mutitasking is hard work. Sometimes when I step back and grab a breath, and then return to a project, I see where I made mistakes, but I also seem to excel. Maybe because I took a step back in order to take one forward. Rooting for your business to take off with huge success Renee!

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