Minimalist Monday

I had a great weekend, I hope you all did as well! 🙂

Sorry no posts for a few days- got my first freelance writing gig and took my puppy to go meet his cousins (my cousin’s pups) for the first time – so it’s been busy! Man my poor guy played and ran for almost thirty hours straight and has been sleeping ever since we got home at 3pm yesterday (should I call the vet? hah)

Anyway – It’s time to get back to business. Spring is almost officially upon us (It’s supposed to be almost 65 degrees today in Grand Rapids, holy shitballs!) and I wanted to be pretty much done with my journey to become a minimalist and start working on staying one and living the lifestyle. So I’ve got a LOT of work to do. SPRING CLEANING COMMENCE!

Today I’m going to work on my kitchen, dining room, and mud room. It’s just me and Cody (and the furbabies) that live here, why do we need LITERALLY 83 forks? 37 coffee cups? (I mean, I love my caffeine but I don’t need a new cup every day of the month…) I feel that should help out dishes as well, and save on energy! It’s insane to have a load for the dishwasher every other day with just two people here. I should be rinsing them off and reusing them, not simply grabbing a new one from the cupboard because I’m extravagantly lazy.

For those embarking on the same journey to minimalism – I urge you to take advantage of today. Remind yourself of the extreme benefits of minimalism – extra cash, reduced stress, donating to those in need, exploring what you really value in life, freedom to move (figuratively and literally), and reducing cleaning time to name a few! Pick a room, pick a corner – I don’t care. Conquer it. Clean it. Then smile and sit in the sun and soak up some vitamin D as a victory reward. That’s my plan.

Everyone have an AWESOME and HAPPY Monday!

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  1. kentinorius

    Amazing text-book . I literally could feel your will to do something,to clean and to change (a little bit) your habits , but ,believe me or not, your willing have no effect on me ;/ Gimme more Gimme more.. 🙂
    Happy Monday!

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    1. Renee

      I want to get to the ‘people and thoughts’ aspect soon! congrats! It’s a challenge- it’s changing the basis of how you lived life for so many years.. but it’s worth it!! 🙂 Thanks! Have a great day!


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