When you want to give the next two days the finger…

So these next two days are going to be rough – the start of an insanely long and expensive process where I fight for myself and my license over a misunderstanding (Yeah, I know that’s what everyone says). It’s unbelievably disheartening and it caused me to start today off on the entirely wrong side of the “mood bed.” I slid off on the “shit-hole mood” side and literally cut my foot on a shard of glass from a cup I broke the night before (and thought I picked all the darned little pieces up). I thought wrong.

So I stumbled to my computer desk, plucked out the piece of glass, cleaned up the blood, and decided to vent on here. But then I decided to get the fuck over myself –  or at least try. People go through hard times, and I have to remember to find the blessings in each day…

or try to have a laugh up my sleeve in order to survive.

So instead of continuing my crummy mood – I decided to be productive and look at pictures that make me smile. I learned I could still laugh and therefore could face my day.

Here are today’s giggle-provoking pics. If I make you at least smirk, then I did my job.


Story of my life.





Anyway, I’ll be busy the next day or so and ya’ll won’t hear from me… or at least you won’t be reading anything remotely thought provoking or titillating. So miss me and wish me luck!

I’m doing all I can.



Screw you, next two days!


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