The Three C’s


I try to use this as motivation in my life – to fight what I’m going through, to find a new job, start a business, do well with this blog, travel, everything. Choices and chances will create change. I can’t blame anyone for my unhappiness besides myself. Life is just beginning. In the words of the wise rapper Eminem, “Life’s too short to not go for broke.” Would you be satisfied with your life if you died tomorrow? Nope, not me. So I try to use these three C’s as motivation.

But they forgot one C.

funny coffee cat

And I’m definitely broke. Donations welcome.

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  1. mojoshawn

    Great post. I agree they forgot the “one C” you mentioned. It should be the first one listed, as it allows all others the motivation to occur. Little know fact, Emimem is a Buddhist monk. True story. šŸ˜‰

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