Sometimes I’m stupid.

Again, apologies for my lack of blog updates – I was in crisis mode for the last couple days (not a real crisis this time – simply me being too quick to jump on the ‘whatthehellelseareyougoingtothrowatmenowlife?!’ train).

I recently updated to Windows 10 – smack dab in the middle of a huge business order and creating a new blog. Once it updated, I was planning to take a few minutes to play around with the new system, see what has changed, etc. I went to my media folder and NOTHING WAS THERE… I went to Microsoft Word and NOTHING WAS SAVED. This dragged on for about an hour before I had my full blown panic attack. I googled “WINDOWS 10 DELETED EVERYTHING” (yes, in all caps for added drama) and read for about another hour others’ problems with their files being deleted as well.

I thought I had lost everything. Every toolpath. Every Picture. Every design. Every college paper. Every every every thing.

Anyway, fast forward to yesterday when the smart, reasonable, and logical side to me came back from hibernation. Renee- You are not on YOUR user account. You are logged into the guest account. That is why nothing exists. You have spent the last few days being a raging lunatic for no reason.

So, short and simple lesson of the day: Don’t get your panties in a bunch until after you’ve tried the most basic and logical solutions.

Thank you.


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    1. Renee

      Seriously, I know! I hit myself for not doing a backup – EVER. It’s like asking for something to happen to all of your treasured documents!. Regular backups.. regular backups.. 🙂


  1. wanderlust809

    I like Windows 10 but it is wonky with things like my graphics card and a few other things. I do like it more than Windows 8. Glad it worked out! I am also terrible at backups….read that as never have I ever.

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