Goin’ to the gym – on a Tuesday..

no excuses

So a few of you have asked for a diet/weight update. Well folks, it’s going as well as my debt update these last two months… up and up and up and up. (hey this blog is about laughing at me and yourself, not actual advice 😉 haha)

No, truth be told I started this journey two months ago,and have only lost six pounds. I have had to do some soul searching these last few days and figure out WHY that is.

#1 reason: I make EXCUSES.

I had a bad day, bad week, bad 5 minutes… “Okay Renee, feel free to indulge in whatever you want, food will make you feel better..” I emotional eat like CRAZY. And this past year has been EMOTIONAL. I don’t even know why I do it – it may feel good going down but then it’s 100% bloated and disappointed feelings after that.

I’ll make an excuse about my workouts. I’ll do really well one day and be sore as hellllll the next, so hey – automatic rest day! NO! WORK THROUGH THE PAIN!

I think the truth is I’m afraid to succeed. I’m afraid to be back to a weight where I was CONFIDENT and outgoing and where I considered myself to be ideal. I need to realize that I need to be confident and outgoing everyday, and by living with love and determination, I will only grow in that confidence and determination instead of shutting myself down like my own worst enemy.

NO EXCUSES! I will keep myself in check daily here, with my lifestyle, and with my treatment to myself. I will not sway from my eating clean – and if I do – I will realize that’s not an excuse to give up altogether. I will workout and remember those muscles I once had and the strength I once had. I want to be an inspiration to myself and to love myself – and perhaps then I can share what I’ve learned with others. I want that to be my personal Christmas gift!


There are 3 comments

  1. KentuckyMomma

    Girl, I feel you on the excuses. Literally, I can spend more time convincing myself why I shouldn’t go to the gym than the time it would actually take for me to get ready, drive there, workout, and get home. Seriously. It’s so hard.

    Keep it up! Have a good workout!


  2. Josh Wrenn

    The only legitimate excuse I know of is when you are sick. I bet the gyms where I live are pretty empty today, because we’re all sick around here.


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