DEBT UPDATE!! A day late and a penny over (or a couple thousand..) AND VACATION!!!


Sorry I’m a tad late – just got back to Michigan and settled down enough to make a post!

SO –  Ladies and gents – that’s a $2,672.17 INCREASE from last month.

But before you start in on the OH MY’s and YOU FAILURE’s – let me explain! Don’t drop that guillotine lever (?) just yet!

So we lived off of cash the ENTIRE month, except for at the very end. It was amazing not to see that card swipe at every available card reader in town. 🙂

Then came family vacation time – no one in my family has credit cards – or if they do they are all maxed. So we used Cody’s for everything. Cabin Rental. Van Rental. Food. White water rafting. Roller Coaster tickets. Anything that needed to be paid for in advance or for group discount rates went on the credit card.

The nice thing is that that we tallied up everything at the end and split the costs between the adults – most have paid me back in cash already and a few are waiting for the next round of paychecks. So everything should be covered and paid down again next month besides Cody and I’s share. We should have sold some more things or did some more work and paid for our part of the vacation in cash at least – but the simplicity of swiping is the devil of the plastic.

I don’t regret it – I mean, it’s a bummer to see these numbers go up after our hard work to see it go down. But, after we put the cash back on it and realize it really wasn’t a whopping $2,700 – then we’ll feel even better. Plus, my family has not gotten together for a vacation… EVER. It was amazing and a blessing for everyone to get off the same week for work and for it to all to have gone as seamless as it did. We all have polar opposite personalities, AND NO ONE FOUGHT! We had some attitudes of course, with 12 people shoved into a small cabin and van – but no blowouts. It was insanely beautiful. My 75 year old grandma even went white water rafting – she did not want to do it at ALL, but then LOVED IT! Memories that will last a lifetime.

We did save enough to live off of cash again this month – enough for bills, gas, groceries, etc until Cody gets paid this Friday – so please check back in and see these numbers DECLINE! Credit cards are back in the safe, coupons cut, grocery lists made, eBay loaded with sell-able items, Etsy store back in gear… LETS GO!

Oh! that’s another plus! Business card DOWN a grand! WAHOO!!!

11924205_10107211136865734_5879641993338247379_n 11953126_10107211136985494_1299563143809839028_n 11947611_10107211137220024_2267702162059001087_n 11988751_10107211137369724_7322999759296823995_n 11145040_10107211137793874_6881084623646081317_n 11951947_10156213917865001_637512016384504242_n 11988430_10156213918010001_46033858067824428_n 11222068_10156213918220001_4800972754843464296_n

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