Helicopter Mommy

It was Louie’s first day at Camp yesterday and I felt like this anxious mom dropping her kid off at school on their first day. What if the other kids don’t like him? What if he gets hurt?  I could see him on camera though so I didn’t get anything productive done.. at all. I had planned to catch up on bills and orders and job search and such – but instead I spend hours in front of the puppy cam yelling at my computer and talking in a baby voice every time I saw my Louie Lou pop up on screen.

Moron. ha. Someone called me a helicopter mom and then told me to take is as a compliment.


He did great though, and he loved it. He made a new black lab best friend and everything. I’m hoping he’ll be okay there overnight when we go on family vacation next week – I’ve already given myself a stomach ulcer thinking about leaving him!

Hope everyone has a GREAT WEDNESDAY!

0.2227880086754458 0.6807682080191507 0.5487974548750761 0.4422287848260553 LOuies not tired

He even tired everyone out and was still rearing to go!

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