DON’T be a WHINER! wah wah wah


Life gets tough, there’s no doubt about it. This past year has been the worst yet for me. Now, add on top of that my mom is going through a cancer scare – so we are waiting on the results of her biopsy. I’ve never been so stressed and tense and in need of a full bottle of Xanax before in my life!

Anyway, the point of this quick and simple post today is that I’ve noticed this past year that I have become a whiner.

I’ve let these enormous hardships get to my head and I’ve found myself complaining a lot. It’s not fair I got fired, I don’t feel good, I need something different, who am I, what’s my purpose… on and on. Renee, there’s ALWAYS someone out there that has it way worse than you. Be grateful, you ungrateful little bitch.

No, I’m not the kind of person to just sit and wait for something to happen – I mean I got fired and since I can’t work in my field right now I found a hobby/interest and turned it into a small business. I’ve brushed up on my business skills from college (before I changed my major) and have really been impressed with what I’ve learned.

But still, I’ve noticed whining.

I want to be a winner, not a whiner.

I want to try to look for solutions to my problems, instead of whine about them. That’s productivity. Yes, people have to vent and let it all go sometimes, but in the end that’s only a temporary release.

We need solutions.

That’s who I used to be, and that’s who I want to become again. The go-getter. The one who people come to me with their issues because I know how to brainstorm solutions. That’s the real me. Let it begin!

My challenge is to begin with just 24 hours of no complaining, whining, nagging, negativity, etc. I want to realize the power of my thoughts and self motivation and see what that can do to my productivity and mood. I challenge you to do the same!

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