Cell phone crooks pt 2 – the real deal!

So! Sorry its been a minute since my last post – we’ve been actually really busy with orders, custom orders, getting ready for cherry festival, and.. life events.

Awhile back I wrote a post complaining about cell phone companies, data charges, yada yada… blah blah.

I called them crooks, trying to swindle the consumer out of every penny they could.

Well, a few days ago I was educated on the real definition of a crook, when Cody’s phone was STOLEN from the front seat of my car.

Yes – I know we shouldn’t leave valuables in the car. I know we were asking for it.. but to our own tiny defense it was in our own driveway of our HOUSE (not apartment).

Anyway, at first I thought perhaps we had misplaced it. It was dead, so we couldn’t call it – and we figured, well shit – maybe we didn’t leave it in the car after all… maybe we left it at Home Depot or Meijer or something…

But then I remembered using his phone to call my mom on our way back home since I left my cellular device at home. So, it was absolutely in the car.

It had been a few days – Cody has a work phone that he uses a lot, so he was lazy and never retrieved it from my car. Once we tore apart the car and made 100% sure it was gone, I was just going to call Verizon when I got a text from them stating we had used 100% of our data. Our cycle starts the 10th and it was only the 12th. What the holy shit?

I called promptly and told them my suspicions that it was stolen – and they agreed wholeheartedly. In fact, the customer service rep stated that in her 20+ years of working there, she had never seen something like this..

Guys, this loser broke into my car, stole Cody’s cell- and then tried to make it his own! He logged into our MyVerizon account (the info is saved on an app on the phone) and changed the name, billing address, plan.. you name it!

The ‘name’ he changed it to was WAY RAPPER.

He used 100%+ of my data, made hours of phone calls, and texted a billion times.


They did say they would cover any charges and give us more data for the month, which was super nice.

Verizon couldn’t release any other information to me, (even though it’s my account?) and said I could call the police. Well, I did.. but not before I called the number that was the most active recipient on the phone logs!

Ish answered the phone. I said “Hey Ish, my name’s Renee, and I think the person you’ve been chatting to incessantly these last few days stole my phone. You know anything about that?”

To which he swiftly replied, “I don’t know nothin. Let the police do what they need to do.”

Thanks, man.

I’m not an idiot (well, most days). Even if the cops care about a cell phone and go check out the mystery changed address its not like the guy is gonna hand it over. It’s at the bottom of a river or something now. Maybe sold on eBay. Who knows.

So, lesson learned. Lock your doors, your car doors… everything. DON’T save passwords or account info on apps! It may seem trivial, but look at your phone now and see how many downloaded apps you click on and never have to type in your password. It sucks, and it was another $100 to get a replacement phone – but life goes on.

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