I CRY BECAUSE… I’m a hormonal Ballbaby with no backbone

I tear up over everything! I cry at commercials, I cry during movies, I cry if my dog and cats are cuddling instead of fighting, I cry if I drink too much wine at my in-laws.. and I’m not just talking about the soldiers coming home and surprising their loved ones, people passing away, engagements, and those horrible pet saving infomercials… I freaking just cried while catching up on MasterChef watching the battles between two cooks, while I’m sanding wood.

Really? I know I’m a sensitive person, but damn my hormones must be off haha… get a backbone!


Are you similar?

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or are you just this type of person?


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  1. Anjali Chudasama

    Sometimes it is not about the hormones but the emotion and compassion you feel. It is good to be vulnerable and have a soft heart. Not a lot of people like that in the world. Let’s enjoy our vulnerability that makes us kind and most of all human! It is a good thing…

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