It’s been ONE MONTH since I’ve opened up my woodworking shop – and boy oh boy has it been an adventure.

Our sales, well – pretty pathetic! Somewhere around $350.00.  It’s okay though – we are JUST starting and learning. I’ve read posts from others saying it takes months to get their first sales, so that’s some comfort! I never thought in a million years I’d know how to make anything – I was always the one to just go out and buy them! But now, I find myself thinking – no, I can make it! 🙂 I get excited to think about new designs, experiments, and potential. I’m realistic – I know I’m not going to be a multimillionaire with this store… If I can make enough to pay a bill or two and reduce debt – then I am blessed! I didn’t even know how to use the computer program two months ago – Imagine what I can create 6 months from now!

New businesses come with mistakes, too – and I try not to let them bring me down too much. For example – yesterday I found a listing for a coaster set with the price being $225.00 instead of $25!! Oh gosh! I’m the kind of person that is silly, yet professional – so mistakes like this bug me. I am working on making pictures better & the listing descriptions more personalized and uniform. But this is where I am today and I’m proud of the accomplishments. I’m excited to grow and do some craft shows this summer – including the NATIONAL CHERRY FEST!

Check out some of our new stuff – our websites, etc! ONE MONTH CELEBRATION!

If you’re interested in something, but don’t want to pay full price – message me for a sweet 20% off coupon! Oh, hell – I’ll just give it to you: CELEBRATE20

This code will work for both my actual store website and my etsy website.

I’m also working on setting up our Ebay store for discount/auction/best offer sales! I will get that to you ASAP!




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Constructive criticism is always great – what turns you off as a buyer? What would you like to see?

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