Get your pride on…

Come on guys – Gimme some work to do this weekend!

YOU NEED STATE PRIDE DECOR! Your house needs it, it’s BEGGING for it. πŸ˜‰

I’m really excited to be accepted into the National Cherry Fest art show this year! It’s in July – so soon – I have lots to do in order to learn, grow, and master my craft in just two months! πŸ™‚ Hopefully gonna do some smaller craft shows before this bigger one so I don’t seem like such an imbecile!

But anyway- check it out, show your friends, your kids, your husbands – you GOT time for this! haha

Any state is available in pretty much anything we made! SO if you don’t see your state just message me here or on etsty or at and we can custom make it for you!


Okay – have a GREAT weekend! Hopefully the weather is nice to get outside and some FRESH AIR! πŸ™‚

Like us, follow us, tweet us, whatever! Support small businesses! Ok – end rant!

Peace & Love

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