I always giggled at these things.


I always giggled over these memes and such that made jokes about yoga pants (girls wearing them and not actually DOING yoga). Maybe ’cause they are stupid and silly nonsense, or maybe ’cause it’s true and I’m also guilty of it. I know – Shut up, shut up! Perhaps it’s cause they are the most comfortable pants known to womankind, maybe cause it’s I like how they make my butt look, or maybe I’m just too lazy to put on jeans. Who knows. But yesterday I was super stressed- and actually did want to try yoga or meditating or something. Running didn’t sound very fun or convenient at that time. So I put on my yoga pants. Got my yoga mat out. (Y’all, I have never done yoga before, just Pilates.. I keep planning to learn…) My phone rings, it’s my mom – and I can’t ignore my mom. I know this conversation is going to last awhile… so I pour myself a glass of wine, sit on my yoga mat and lean up against the couch while I talk to her.

This fit perfectly 🙂


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  1. Cari

    This made me smile! Sounds EXACTLY like what happens when I attempt yoga! Hard to focus with kids, phones, laundry, wine, ect. Maybe we should just rename them “wine pants”. I think they would totally take off!

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      1. Cari

        Totally in for a partnership for “Wine Pants”!! Hell, we could go even further and extend our line to “Gardening Pants”, “House Cleaning Pants”, “Taking your Kids to Daycare Pants”, “Grocery Pants”, “Carpool Pants”… the list could go on and on. “Wine Pants” will totally be a number one seller though. 😉

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