How-to Tuesday: How to get in the loop – FOX’S EMPIRE!

I’ve tried to cut down on my TV watching hours in general, for a tad bit more financial freedom and more time to focus on getting my crap together. I even cut cable completely out and just have Hulu and Netflix accounts.  But maaaan– I got sucked in to EMPIRE as soon as the pilot aired.


It encompasses a ton of issues in society today – Physical health issues, mental health issues, entrepreneurship, show business, homosexuality, family issues, mixed raced couples – It has everything that I love. Plus add in the endless drama, MUSIC, sexy men, suspense.. and more – and no wonder why it’s THIS SEASON’S HOTTEST SHOW! It may not be 100% politically correct, but it’s entertaining as hell.

SO if you haven’t watched it yet or are behind… GET CAUGHT UP!! GET IN THE LOOP!

Here’s a few quick reasons why you should:

*may contain spoilers*

1. Jamal is sexy, bold, and can sing his heart out.

jam jussie-smollett

“I do what I want and say what I want with no apologies.”

His bro can rap, too.

Plus- this is how Jamal came out to the world (especially to his father):


2. Don’t mess with Cookie (Taraji P. Henson)

She’s a bad bitch. I love her.

“The streets ain’t made for everybody — that’s why they made sidewalks.”

cookie cookie2

But she’s loyal to her family, and always wants the best for them.

cookie3 empire-taraji-p-henson-cookie-i-got-you1

3. Did I mention Cookie and Lucious used to star together?


4. Guest stars!

Courtney Love, Naomi Campbell, Raven Symone, & SNOOP just to name a few that have already shown their faces. Who could be next?

Okay- So I won’t go into too many more reasons WHY you should watch it. But if you like hip-hop/rap at all and great television – then here’s HOW TO:





Go to you-tube and check out some of the music or recaps. You’ll be hoooooked!

There are 7 comments

  1. Scott Danzig

    I’m cautious of how much TV I watch too. Too many distractions out there, and Empire looks really good! Loved the “coming out” scene. But I’m sure you just showed me the best parts, so I can skip it, guilt free 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. bisaster

    TV is obe of those things you don’t miss once it’s gone. We dumped cable and have roku/Netflix. Every so often we’ll get sucked into a series – similar to what it sounds like you’ve done.


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