Not even cheap vodka


That’s what I tell all the fellas at the bar, or my boyfriend when he starts acting crazy. 😉

As you smarty-pants readers can tell, I don’t write anything substantial (on the weekends). I’m too busy pretending I had a hard work week and going out with friends that actually did. This morning though – I’m actually going to be productive and hopefully get my business one step closer to opening day. I’m headed downstairs to learn how to use a CNC machine and ArtCam. Well, I’ve been learning for a bit and it’s quite fun… but I’ve basically had to use you-tube videos and common sense to hook this thing up. I bought it from China, because – well I’m poor and couldn’t afford the one I really wanted. (The size I got for 2K would cost 10K here) And to punish me, the instructions came in 100% Chinese. Beautiful language, but I don’t speak it. And unfortunately, I don’t know how to translate the document nor do I have any Chinese speaking friends. Yes, I make smart business decisions. Any woodworkers or those that could translate have any tips – feel free to post them below. 🙂


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  1. grammyg53

    At least YOU know what a CNC machine does. I’m too lazy to Bing it (Same thing as Google but you get money for using Bing) so that makes me even more pathetic! Don’t discount your very busy week… I got tired just from reading your posts. Phew! Now it’s time for a nap. lol

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