At least I got my cardio in and my dog’s safe

I always tell people, “Don’t give up – keep truckin’ along.” But I already quit today.

I take my dog out for his morning urination, right, and attach him to his cable cord. One part of the cord is connected to the door and the other to his collar, so he can roam while he does his business and/or plays. I go to the kitchen to make coffee (I learned that I am a procaffinator) and see what I can shove in my face for breakfast.

It’s been awhile since I let him out, and by this time I’m expecting the usual scratches on the door or barking to signal he’s ready to be let back in. I don’t hear anything, so decide to go check on him.

There’s no cable attached to the door. My heart drops and I instantly want to vomit. Mind you, I’m in my underwear and have no shoes on. I bolt out the door. I run a lap around my house through two feet of ice/compacted snow, shouting like a crazed lunatic.


I hear and see nothing, so I bolt towards the road (please just try to picture this insanity). I scan both directions and run a little towards the right. Still nothing. We live on a very busy highway, so I was scared shitless that I was gonna see him pasted on the asphalt.

I sprint back to the house, grab my phone and call Cody at his work – He has the car and I don’t want to waste any time looking for my pup. He can’t understand what I’m saying, ’cause obviously I’m a mess, but states he’ll be home in just a second (He works just down the road from our house).

Meanwhile, I’m running the length of my yard shouting and yelping. My heart is beating so hard, because – let’s be honest – I haven’t gotten that much physical activity in awhile, mixed with the adrenaline rush that was occurring. I finally shut the hell up for a second…and then I hear his whimper! The poor guy got caught inside a huge bush in the back yard and was tangled with the cable and branches so he couldn’t free himself. I couldn’t see him at all until I got IN the bush myself.

Cody pulls in, and by this time I have Looster already inside. He walks up and laughs (lovingly) at me – and that was the first time I looked in the mirror all morning. My legs and feet are dripping with blood from running through the snow and ice. My hair’s a mess and my face is drenched with tears. Plus, I’m basically naked. Okay, maybe I overreacted a tad. But I’m a new mom and you can’t judge me.


You can’t really tell since I cleaned up the blood, but there’s hundreds of tiny cuts. Bitch cuts, yes, but it stiiiiings0304151740a

I’m really surprised someone didn’t call the cops in fear that an inmate escaped from the insane asylum and was running down Lake Michigan Drive while the majority of Grand Rapids was trying to make their morning work commute.

Thinking that everything is OK now, I grab a cup to get some water. It brakes, cutting me in the process.


So I quit today already. I decide it’s my human right to whine at 7:30 am with a crap night’s sleep behind me.

No more productivity from me today guys

resignation-letter screw-it-60772

But at least I got my cardio in and my dog’s safe.

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      1. redefiningthegoodlife

        They’re the best! This post reminded me of one time when he was a puppy, he got into the garbage and ate the foam (diaper looking thing) that sits under the raw chicken in the pack. I FREAKED out. Rushed him to the vet, didn’t realize I wasn’t even wearing shoes. I’m thinking, ‘he’s going to need surgery, he’s going to get salmonella poisoning, omg!’ I ran into the office BAWLING. I’ll never forget the look on the employees faces, like (this woman needs to be put down). Long story short he was fine, but phew! Lots of luck to you and your baby!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Renee

        Ha, aweeee! I probably would have done the exact same thing – so don’t judge yourself! I over-think and overreact, especially for the ones I love! Thanks for the luck, and home you have some good in your day!!

        Liked by 1 person

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