How-to Tuesday: Give yourself to Chocolate

Ahh, Chocolate – the answer to all problems.

Especially when it gives advice!

Last night I ate my first piece of Dove Chocolate in a looooong time. (Shush, those of you who know I am on a weight loss journey- I can mess up sometimes, I’m human…) For those that don’t know, Dove chocolates have a hidden positive message underneath the wrapper. Last night my message was “Sleep under the stars tonight.”


I immediately thought, “Well, fuck that, its like 15 degrees out!” I went about my night as usual, made some dinner, watched the episode of “The Walking Dead” that I missed on Sunday, then got ready for bed. I pulled up the covers over my chest and let out an exhale as I laid my head on the pillow.

“Well, I’ll be dammed,” I whispered to myself as I looked up at my ceiling. My ceiling was covered in, yep – stars. You know, those sticky glow in the dark ones that you covered your ceiling with when you were twelve? I have those, at 24. Point is, Dove was right, I would sleep under the stars tonight.

And if the chocolate was this good at predicting my life and giving me advice, why not live today based on some more advice hidden beneath the foil? Plus, it gave me an excuse to eat more chocolate than I should.

So today’s How-to Tuesday, is how to give yourself to chocolate.

1. Buy a package of Dove Chocolate

2. Pick a reasonable/respectable amount of chocolate to consume and pieces of advice to follow

3. Open piece of chocolate, place in mouth – and let it melt a little bit.

4. While savoring the taste, read the message under the foil

5. Make it today’s goal to follow that advice to the T.

My examples and my goals for today:


Great picture quality, Renee. Here, I’ll read them to you:

Remember your first crush, Hug someone today, share a secret, a gentle touch speaks volumes, celebrate family and friends, listen with your heart, and savor small romantic moments.

I’m giving myself to chocolate today (although probably shouldn’t eat any more of it..).

Will you?

Hell, If you don’t have any Dove chocolates, or hate the taste of them, Google some images and pick a few!
Feel free to add your pics or examples!

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  1. onlybadchi

    love this!! I also have the glow in the dark stars on my ceiling and I’m 25 🙂 And I just so happen to also love Dove chocolates and the messages on the foil–thanks for making me feel ok about eating them (because I am ALSO on a weight loss journey–I swear I’m not copying/stalking you, all this is true) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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