Lent 2015: Fast Food Fast

Today marks the beginning of lent 2015, and like a vast number of people, I will be giving up a tasty temptation. About six months ago I started my weight loss journey, and was moderately successful. I almost got to my goal weight, and then – life happened. I started slowly but surely gaining it back, and now I’m almost 25 pounds up once again. Instead of giving up, I’m having another go at a new lifestyle change. I’m choosing to give up fast food for lent (and hopefully life) for two reasons:


1. It’s nasty and addictive.  I never even craved it the first go-around. Eating healthier choices made me feel better, have more energy, and allowed me to watch the pounds fall off. Then we started to do some traveling – back home to see family, downstate for work-related issues – and it soon became easier to just swing by a window for a meal. I “thought” I was doing good by just grabbing a salad or a snack wrap, but then soon I thought there was no harm in a small fry as well (Those things are like crack). Don’t forget the coke! From there it was easier to get a pizza for dinner instead of going on a meijer run, and the pattern goes on. Then I started to crave that food over “real” food. Don’t get me wrong, we cook from home a lot, and try to make good choices – but we definitely eat out way more than we should. And there are not a lot of health benefits to eating food coming of a window at the snap of a finger.

2. It’s EXPENSIVE. We made excuses to ourselves that it was okay to eat out because it was only, what, 10 bucks a pop each time? That was cheaper than spending 20 or so for a meal. But, that was crap, because for 20 bucks at the store we could get food for a meal WITH leftovers the next day (or few days) and not feel like crap after eating it. Plus, me not having an income right now, on top of bills and student loans, puts every penny on a pedestal right now.


So my goal this lent season is to give up fast food, and by doing so passively lose weight, feel better, and save money. This is the beginning to me getting back on track. Cause I swear I’m fitting these curves into a bikini this summer. And fitting more bucks in my wallet.

Side note: I’m not bashing anyone who indulges in fast food or works at a fast food establishment – to each their own. But for me it’s one of my downfalls for my finances and for my waistline.

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