Do Something (About It) Sunday: Watch the Super Bowl

You can’t escape it – the time has come for another Super Bowl Sunday in America. So pick a side and pick a seat and be a part of one of the nation’s most anticipated events.

Even if you are NOT a football fan, for this DO SOMETHING (about it) SUNDAY, I challenge you to watch the Super Bowl anyway. Join the thousands of those who don’t know a two-point conversion from an interception but watch the big game every year regardless. Read further for three quick reasons why I believe its worth your time on this Sunday evening to tune in.

The Advertisements: 

Millions tune in simply to watch the advertisements and commercials. Companies spend millions of dollars and months of strategic planning on these commercials to market their products to the masses during the Big Game. Many are purposely meant to induce giggles, while others tend to pull on heartstrings of pet lovers, parents, or small business owners.

Although I love football and watch for that reason – I thoroughly enjoy watching the commercials as well (if I force myself to disregard the fact that making one of those commercials probably – no scratch that – definitely cost more to make and air than what I will make my whole life). I followed the Budweiser commercials from back in the 90’s when there were the singing frogs to current day with the adorable puppy and his Clydesdale horses. Your favorite commercials stick with you.


The Half-time Show:

Famous artists hit the stage every year at the Super Bowl. From the late Michael Jackson and Brittany Spears in previous years to Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz tonight, the field is never empty when the players recuperate mid-game. Do you remember the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction in 2004? Or how Beyonce killed it in 2013?

The list goes on and on – but the point is that there’s always a show for music lovers on the biggest sports day of the year.

Food and Beer:

Okay, beer not your thing? Grab a bottle of wine, or a shot of whiskey for all I care.

One of the biggest reasons I love to celebrate the Super Bowl is the parties! You get to shamelessly eat all day from an endless buffet of dips and finger foods – and then wash it down with your favorite cold beverage. Plus, you get to enjoy all of this surrounded by your closest friends who possibly became for-the-day enemy rivals.


If those aren’t reasons enough, add in dressing to the T in your favorite team’s apparel, placing bets on who will win (shhh…), screams and cheers, and family/friend time. So accept my challenge if you aren’t one of the millions who already participate… What do you have to lose? I bet you even secretly ROOT for a team during the game, even if you have never followed them before. It’s human nature.

I kept this article short and sweet and didn’t add in an array of stats for a PURPOSE 

1. ‘Cause it was Saturday night last night and staring at this computer screen isn’t making my hangover headache any better.. and

2. To give you time to go prepare. There’s still tons of time to go get food and friends together for a great night of fun! GO!

Feel free to comment below on why YOU watch the Super Bowl, your favorite part, or just to root for your team!

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