DO it for YOU.

Got a great workout in tonight! πŸ™‚ Usually, when Cody goes and does side work after work…I get lazy, make a drink, snuggle with my pup and enjoy the latest episode of whateverididn’twatchlastnightonHULU. haha.

But no – not tonight.

Got my too-tight of a sports bra on and destroyed my workout.

I used to compare myself to others – and I think that’s what was holding me back all these years. Yes, I look at pictures of super hot, toned, nearly-naked chicks as workout motivation (not creepy in any way.. hahah) but not to compare myself to anymore. Every pound, every inch, every increase in the number of push-ups I can do… those are MY OWN victories. Do it for you, no one else.

And – call me a handy-woman – I even patched some holes in the walls and touched up some paint in the living room. Who needs a man? pshhh

You’re gonna hear me rant a lot about this people – staying accountable to myself is the only way I can push through this journey and succeeeeed!

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    1. Renee

      YES!! It helps so much! It’s depressing when you compare yourself to others – then I give up and eat ice cream. This way, I see little results at a time, but I’m so ecstatic about them that I wanna push myself harder! Good luck to yoU!

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  1. 2015chronicles

    Great advise and so true. When I was your age, I would put photos of woman that I thought were beautiful on my frig. (My husband enjoyed the photos.)
    It really motivated me and reminded me throughout the day of my goal to get fit.
    Shine On

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  2. Jessie Reyna

    Talk about serious motivation! Great advice dear! I’ve been training for my marathon for four months and I’ve gained weight! But it’s so hard giving the extra time to continue working at it!

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