15 minutes of Failure

Welcome to the first 15 min of my Monday: Wake up, trip over my own feet while flinging my phone across the floor, exploding the screen.. then cut my finger while trying to use it anyway. Doesn’t work. There goes my free replacement I was going to get for it not being able to make or receive calls these last few days…. I shake it off and go to get some coffee – only to step in a large, warm pile of cat puke. Back to bed!


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  1. boolaurene

    I had the same problem…rushing out the door to go to work because I slept through my alarm. Not even enough time to put my lunch in my bag, so I carry it, along with a huge bottle of water and some files….slow mo moment right here, I see my phone slipping off the top of my lunch box. Smash, straight onto concrete step and screen shattered into a million pieces 😦 Luckily my contracts up soon so new phone it is! Hope the rest of your week goes better!

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