Morning person Monday: I’m not one.

I had my alarm go off at 5:45 am this morning. I wanted, NEEDED to be productive today – We have a house inspection tomorrow morning with nothing ready for that and an etsy store I want to open next week with not nearly enough products to sell! But – here I am, 7:30 and still laying in bed. At least I am writing about my laziness….

I worked night shift nursing for about two years, so I thought maybe that has something to do with my inability to get out of bed. I had myself convinced of this fact until this morning when I realized,

“Ok, Renee – It’s been SIX months – that’s no longer a valid excuse..”

Something has to give.

I love when I do wake up early, I feel like I get a lot more done by noon on those days than what I feel I get done all day getting up at 9 or 10. I feel much more accomplished and productive – happier. But getting there is the problem.

Once I’m out of bed, everything’s fine. I find my mojo and start steamrolling. I’m ready to dominate. It’s getting out of bed that’s the problem. I tell myself, “Renee – just get out of bed. You know you got this once you get that far.”

But I can’t. The bed is so warm and my animals and significant other are still sleeping and I like being stretched out and I don’t wanna get dressed and I don’t wanna start my responsibilities and I don’t wanna put on a bra and I don’t wanna touch the cold air or cold floor and I don’t wanna look at my bed head in the mirror and I just don’t wanna do anything I don’t wanna do (run-on whining sentence intended).


And if Cody gets up before I do and tries to wake me, I become the grumpiest, snappiest beeyyyittch on the planet. No one should have a full conversation before coffee.


It’s YOUR turn to give the writer some advice! For all you morning people out there, what is your routine? Tips? I want to love mornings and become one with the rising sun, but I need some help, y’all!

Is is my diet? Nighttime routine? Ability to just push the snooze button a billion times? Having a too cute, furry sleeping companion?

I know the answer is ‘all of the above.’ I know what I need to do, but telling it to myself just dosen’t cut it sometimes. I need others to call me out on my incessant morning laziness and help me to become a better morning person.

Happy Monday!


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  1. lola gayle

    I used to be a terrible morning person. Now I can barely stay in bed past 4am. Of course I do go to bed around 8pm every night. My last job of 15 years kinda forced me into being a morning person. Eyes pop open, bladder says “squeee! need to pee now!” and that’s all she wrote. Up and at em for me. I would imagine that you’re more of a night owl, correct? Perhaps that’s why getting up early just doesn’t work for you. Nothing wrong with enjoying a little extra time with the furries and a sleeping hubby. Don’t beat yourself up about it! Things will get done when they get done.

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  2. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    How late do you stay up? Sometimes making a commitment with someone else to do something early – a walk, phone call. The older you get the easier it gets to get up early. I like watching the sun come up, the way the light plays on the trees. The quiet. I can get more things done. Is there a song that could motivate you in the morning to get up? Sort of condition yourself with it? Pair it with a love of getting up early. It would take some “fake it til you make it” work until it’s automatic.

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    1. Renee

      That’s the thing! Sometimes I’m tired at 8 pm and other times I stay up until 2 am without trying. Maybe it’s the inconsistency that’s killing me. I used to love the morning peace and beauty as well, then my sleeping patterns got all phooey. Conditioning myself is definitely a great idea, singing a favorite song will definitely help me ‘fake it till i make it!’ (unless it just makes me hate that song..)

      Thanks for your insight!


  3. CherryOrchardHomestead

    And the answer is… have a one year old!

    Seriously, I think a lot of it is bedtime routine and getting to bed early enough to get enough sleep. It’s something I’m working on too, because I want to get up before the one year old so I can do my yoga. But somehow, that alarm I set keeps getting turned off around, say, 2 in the morning when I’m up for some reason or another…

    Also, if you are truly a night owl, it might just be a matter of finding the best time during the day to be productive. My in-laws are all night owls and they often get stuff done later, when I’m already staring up into space going “blurugablurgle.” There’s nothing wrong with this! Society is built more for the morning person, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that people up earlier are more productive people.

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    1. Renee

      Haha! Kids are definitely on my radar soon, but I’m gonna try to give it another year or so to get my ‘crap together’ before bringing a blessing into the world and then losing my crap again! haha. I wouldn’t say I’m a night owl, my brain shuts off too about 10 pm and I just want to lay down – but I can’t fall asleep and end up watching Hulu until 2 am..
      It’s like my body is fighting me!
      You’re right though – I need to listen to my body and find the times during the day when I get those ‘motivation surges’… and don’t ignore them!


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  4. Anita

    I love this post. I am really not a morning person either. Normally i would recommend coffee and lots of it to get through, but lately i have cut down. So instead I usually listen to my favourite funny radio show in the mornings on the way to work. Tough to have a bad morning when you’re trying not to laugh out loud on the bus. I guess you could watch/read stuff too. Not the news though, that’s depressing. And incase you didn’t catch what I said earlier, I love this post. 🙂

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  5. KentuckyMomma

    You will definitely become a morning person when you have kids! I, too, was not a particularly delightful person in the morning, but now, I enjoy waking up before my daughter does because I get in some crucial me time. Sorry, I don’t have any good advice, but I can most certainly relate!

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  6. BearNextDoor

    There used to be times when I couldn’t even hear my alarm in the mornings (I just tuned it out) so I started putting it somewhere where I physically had to get out of bed to reach it -not that that stopped me from going back to sleep

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  7. jcolemarrow

    Love this post. I am the same way. Once I’m up and get going i’m fine, but I can just never seem to get myself out of bed. It’s an eternal struggle. So if you figure out a way to solve this problem let me know

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  8. Adam

    Why not chime in here. I am a morning person, but chose to grow into it. It’s not natural for me, but is one of the best habits I’ve ever developed. Here’s what I’d suggest. Reach out to some people you really respect, who are successful in their area of expertise and ask whether or not they’re morning people. I did that and found that every person I have chosen as a mentor has made use of their mornings. It’s discipline and it’s hard. Otherwise everybody would do it. I suggest weaning yourself off media and stimulants after a point in the evening. The TV is off at our place by 8pm. No computers or phones. We slow down with conversation or books. Dinner time makes a big difference as well along with what you eat. Just give yourself a few hours between dinner and sleep. Which means plan dinner with sleeping in mind. And be cautious with some foods late at night. Sugar, caffeine, etc. So, pretty sure I just wrote a comment with instructions on how to be boring. Oh well. It works for me and I was a horrible morning person for so many years. It’s hard and it’s worth it. Kinda like most things that are good for you.

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    1. Renee

      “So, pretty sure I just wrote a comment with instructions on how to be boring.” hahaha! How-to Tuesday! 😉 Thanks for your advice, Adam! I’ve been trying! Foods/stimulants are a biggie I think for me. THE COMPUTER. I need to learn to shut it off – the time flies by so fast when I’m on it. Plus, it’s sedentary so not very healthy either!


      1. Adam

        Definitely difficult changes to incorporate, but when life feels stressful with lots going on the discipline to utilize mornings and slow down going to bed really helps establish a sense of calm and control over at least some aspects of life.


  9. Tiny Trinket

    I find that consistency is really helpful! Also, I also have my alarm clock somewhere across the room so that I have to get up to switch it off. That way you won’t be so tempted to hit the snooze button 😉

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