WHY (?) Wednesday: I can’t remember my combination, and I sing Skid Row.

Dreams are awesome. They are this unexplained phenomenon of your subconscious entertaining you why you sleep. There are lots of theories out there regarding why people dream and what it means, from firing neurons at an exponetial rate and having your brain try to make sense of it all, to God trying to send you message through said dream to point you in the correct direction in life. And then there’s Walt Disney who says this:

walt disney

Right, ’cause my dream is to be eaten by tigers..

And try to explain reoccurring dreams to me please – how can you have literally the EXACT same dream twice? Three times? Sometimes even a month or a year in between them where your conscious all but forgets about it? What about lucid dreams? I’ve always wanted to try to train my brain to control my subconscious while sleeping, but never could quite hack it…

mindblown Mind+blown+_6413a2aef3142eab8dd789403f71008e

Anyway, for this WHY(?) Wednesday, I’m leaving it up to you guys. Hear me out, and then please tell me why!

I keep having this reoccurring dream, probably about five times for the last six months or so: I’m back in High School, and I can never get my damn locker open. I seriously try guys – I mean I think I KNOW the combination, but it will never open. My friends and even randoms try to help me out, but to no avail. Then a math teacher always comes out into the hall and spits out some insane equation I must answer to find the ‘real’ combination to the lock (and i was great at calculus in High School, ha).


Finally, I get it open (magic? I can never remember) and walk to my first class. I sit down – late – to a lengthy assignment. Who gives assignments on the first day? EVERYONE knows it’s syllabus day.. I get frustrated, stand up, spill my popcorn that I was nonchalantly eating in the middle of class, and turn around. My eye catches with my High School crush’s, and I start belting out “I remember you” – fully equipped with dance moves and an audience.

Then I wake up.

So why do I have this dream so often? What does it mean? Do I want to be back in High School where I felt safer? (But then why was my day so freaking stressful at first?) Am I just too stressed out in life? Do I want a re-do so that I can make different choices on my life path? Do I just really want to be a rock star? Help me out guys! Although its ‘just a dream’ it’s reoccurring nature gets me thinking, and I always end up with this weird feeling in my gut for half the day, like I don’t really know what the hell I’m doing. Well, let’s not kid ourselves – I never really know what I’m doing…

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  1. Sal's Blog

    My theory is that dreams are more about the emotions than the story. Forget the story. I always ask – “how did that dream make you feel?” Your dream, as are most, is about frustration. Now your job is to figure out what is frustrating you… besides trying to figure out what the heck this dream means 😉

    – Good Luck, Sal

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    1. Renee

      That’s great insight… even when I have dreams that I don’t remember what happened in them, I always remember how I felt in them and/or how I felt once I woke up. Maybe that’s key.

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    1. Renee

      “Maybe you are unnecessarily trying too hard at something you already know or can do.” Well aint that the truth.. if it’s that simple I may not be as smart as I thought.. haha.. I’ll go check out your post! 🙂 Thanks for your insight!


  2. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    First of all, Renee, this is hilarious! You inevitably make me laugh out loud. I love how easily you can laugh at yourself. About your dream. It is a common recurring dream not to be able to get into your high school locker – so you aren’t alone. I have the one where I have to take a test and I haven’t been to class all semester or I am in a play about to go on stage and realize I haven’t memorized my lines – for me all about not being prepared. One thing I do with people in my psych practice is have them be everyone and everything in the dream one at a time. Be the locker – how does it feel to not be able to open up, no matter how hard you try? How does it feel to be the teacher, etc. Just a thought. It’s cool you do get it open. Anyway, I really enjoy your writing!

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    1. Renee

      That’s an interesting viewpoint! I have never considered being the locker or other objects/persons in my dream! It may ‘unlock’ some other meanings! ha ha. I appreciate your kind words and response!


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